Progress Window

The Progress window allows you to view your current progress towards the completion of the course and any saved responses to SCORM selection activities. As no editing is involved, this window is only accessible when the course is being played and you are navigating through it as a user.

Progress window

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The first tab displays the pages within the course that have been marked as either Must visit, Must complete or Must pass, along with their current completion status - Not Attempted, Incomplete or Complete.

Progress tab 1

Quiz scores and question results are not shown in this window. See the Results page at the end of each Quiz for that information.

The second tab displays the responses saved from SCORM checkbox selection, SCORM true / false selection activities and Surveys, and the title of the page on which they are located.

Progress tab 2

The order they are listed in depends on the order in which the answers were saved - an activity that is saved first will be listed first, for instance (though subsequent saves after other activities have been saved will not change its position).

SCORM image selections, match activities and match-set activities will not be listed.

Accessing the Progress window in the course player

When the course is played, the Progress window is accessed by clicking the Glossary button in the footer (if it is enabled).

Progress button in footer