This element is used to insert a basic slideshow that automatically cycles between a number of images.


(Animated GIF - Click image to enlarge)

Place the cursor where you want the slideshow to appear in the content field and select the element from the right-hand list. The following popup will appear.

Choose an effect

This allows you to choose the transition effect for when images change from one to another. Select an effect from the drop-down menu and click OK. The Image Browser will appear.

Select the images you want to appear in the slideshow, then click Done. The code will be placed in the content field.

Slideshow code appears like this:

{slideshow effect|image1.jpg|image2.jpg|image3.jpg}

‘Effect’ will differ depending on transition choice you selected.

  • Images will be arranged in filename alphabetical order by default, regardless of the order they were selected. You will have to edit the code manually if you want to arrange them differently.
  • Images with the same size dimensions work best. Different size images can be used, but will cause issues with their appearance when the course is played.