Classname (inline)

This element is used to assign classes to content, using the equivalent of a HTML < span > tag. Content will be displayed as an inline element (maintaining the current line; see here for more info).

Classname (inline)

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Highlight the text you want to be affected and then select the element from the right-hand list. The code will be placed in the content field.

You will need to manually replace 'className' with whichever CSS class you want to use.

Classname (inline) code appears like this:

{wrap classname|Text to be formatted}

Default instance of this code.

{wrap large|Text to be formatted}

Example pictured above - in this instance, using CSS class 'large', with that class containing font-size: 250%, font-weight: bold and color: #0000ff settings in an attached style sheet.

  • You will need an attached Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) loaded on the same page as this content for the coding to work. For info on how to do this, see Load but do not parse external file.