Saving Navigation

The large button at the bottom of the page list is used to save the current navigation layout. If any changes are made to the navigation of the course (creating/deleting pages, renaming / rearranging existing pages, changing filenames, changing contribute statuses, etc) you'll need to click this button to save them.

Navigation save buttons

This button will say three things depending on the actions you've taken so far:

  • Nav unchanged: Nothing in the navigation's been changed yet in this session.
  • Nav not saved: You've made changes, but they haven't been saved yet. Better click the button to save them!
  • Nav saved: You've just clicked the button, and your changes have been saved.

The red ‘!’ icon that appears next to the button sometimes is there to tell you that new navigation changes have been saved to the course, either by you or by other users.

Changing settings in the Page tab and Grid settings in the Content tab will also require the navigation to be saved. Elements and interactions that create new parse pages (Convert selection to parse include, tab bar, accordion, etc) will also require navigation to be saved to fully retain their changes.