Settings Tab

This tab is where the visual appearance of a course can be adjusted - it's where you get to choose colours, buttons and other appearance features for a more personalised course (depending on the layout template you're using).

Settings tab

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Any changes made here will have to be saved by clicking the blue Save button in the top right of this area. Don't forget to do this before switching to other pages or tabs!

The following options will always be available:

Item: What it does:
Template Allows you to choose from a number of Player Layout styles that can then be tweaked further using the options below.
API Allows you to choose the API (application programming interface) the course package will use - either SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004. (1.2 by default)
SCORM debugging Allows you to enable / disable SCORM debugging. (Off by default)

Apart from these, the options you'll have access to will differ depending on the layout you're using.

  • Several of the settings in this tab are directly tied to settings in the Advanced tab and other areas - therefore, changes saved in one can affect the other. For instance, changing the content in the 'copyright.content' field in the Advanced tab will change the copyright text in the footer in this tab and vice versa!