The Coursesuite layout is our standard course player, used by the Classic course template. This layout has a wide range of customisable options.

The Coursesuite layout has the following features:

CourseSuite template layout

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1: Header

This is where the selected header image will be displayed, with either the course name or description (or neither) displayed on the left. A set of navigation buttons is also displayed on the right.

2: Content area

This is the primary content area of a page. Any content that is entered into a page will appear in this area unless it is tagged otherwise.

3: Right hand column

This is an optional column portion of the page where elements designated with {rightimages} or {right} tags will display, independent of the primary content area. Users can choose the width of the column or disable it in a page’s Grid settings (see Properties > Content).

4: Footer

Copyright text is displayed on the left hand side of the footer. Optional buttons for Properties, Glossary, References and Help windows are displayed on the right. Another set of navigation buttons is also displayed on the right.


To navigate between pages in a course, you can use either the page index or the navigation buttons in both the header and footer to travel to the previous and next pages (using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard also works!). The Home button returns the user to the first page in the course.

CourseSuite template navigation buttons

The page index in this layout opens as a left-hand menu overlay when the Menu bar is clicked. It can be closed by clicking the Menu bar again.

Minimalist index

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This is where the course navigation is displayed, showing all visible pages within a course. Users can travel to any page by clicking its name in the list (unless any prerequisite conditions are in place).

Pages that have not been visited have an empty circle next to their name. Visited / completed pages will have a full circle next to their name. Pages that have been visited but unfinished will have a half filled circle next to their name.