Development Roadmap

We currently support a single tier which only offers basic completion based on a time marker. However, a more comprehensive marker system is in the works and will be offered at a higher tier. In this new system, you'll be able to:

Coming up next

  • Set multiple markers across your video and have conditional triggers on markers (such as showing Annotations, stopping the video, jumping to a different part of the video)
  • Determine a passing score based on scores set by markers in the video (e.g. if you reach marker 1, you score goes up by 10; if you reach marker 2, you score goes down by 5, and so on).
  • Closed captioning support using the WebVTT standard, with most functions available consistently across media services

After that

A little further down the track, you'll also be able to:

  • Upload your own video and have it automatically convert to HTML5 video types, and embed the media directly into the package.
  • Add a playlist of videos and use special markers / cue points to switch to these videos dynamically.

Unstaged plans

We've plans to support streaming media platforms such as Wistia in future releases. Please use our helpdesk to suggest other services or needs you may have.